• Ryan Astor

Alpha Testing

Hello, Purplix fans! The release of "C. A. T." will be here before you know it. We know many of you are eager to play our game but we ask for your patience. Here is an update of our current activities in the studio:

This past weekend, we did our first set of alpha testing. We set up shop outside in the wedge and asked passers-by to play our game and give their feedback. We ran three tests in total and I believe they went great. As these were our first tests since we were paper prototyping, a lot about the game had changed including now being run in Twine. We received a lot of helpful feedback that we will be implementing into our next build of the game soon. This may have been the first tests with a digital version of the game, but we plan to test as often as we can. We want to make sure we don't make the industry mistake of testing only late into development. That only makes later development more hectic. If testing is done early, many potential problems can be discovered before they become major issues. It is our goal at Purplix Games to ensure that "C. A. T." is as great a game and experience as it can be.

Here is me just after running a test with one of our testers

Have a great week everyone!

-Ryan Astor





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