• Ben Martin


Hello hello our wonderful readers. This week we really started to pick things up and just did, well, more. Each member of our team started to conduct official play testing, and thankfully our game didn't break, too badly that is. There were a couple errors here and there but for the most part it was smooth sailing!

As a part of this process we needed to go through IRB training to make sure that are tests were "ethical" and that we wouldn't leave any lasting psychological damage on our lab rats.

I kid, I kid.


I'm sorry IRB please don't bring down your bureaucratic wrath on us small students.

Moving on to other things we recently started to just pump out more endings and add them to the game, so now you can waste 5 minutes of your time a grand total of 6 times while playing our game.

Here are some hints as to how to get to these delightful routes in "C.A.T.".


Ending 2 of 6: Everything is fine.

Ending 3 of 6: Ignore that THING and RUN.

Ending 4 of 6: It is angry. APPEASE IT.

Ending 5 of 6: Fatten up for winter.

Ending 6 of 6: Get a jump on it.

And we have finally, FINALLY, gotten more artwork and images into our game than just our living room image. Turns out encoding images into Base64 is not fun to work with. At all. Who would have thought?

And that's pretty much it from us this week! We will continue to add more to the game going forward, including additional endings, options, and, drum roll please, sounds! Its almost like we're making a real game now.

- Ben Martin


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