• Ben Martin

First Steps

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Hello internet!

We are Purplix Games and we have started our first project as a studio.

Meet the Team! From Left to Right: Ben Martin, Ryan Astor, Sam Parks, Deborah Beatriz

Our game is currently titled "C.A.T." and will be a text based game made in the Twine Engine. We don't want to talk too much about the story for the game as the surprise is half the fun!

Today we planned out the MVP for our game with an event graph/flow chart and started the first iterations of our paper prototype using flash cards to represent options available with a script to go along with it.

We had several people play through it and we were happy to see that our play-testers seemed to enjoy the experience. They provided some great feedback for us to work with as we move forward in the design process, which we have since incorporated in later prototypes and play-tests.

[Insert Playtest Photo]

We have gone through several iterations and feel like we're coming close to solidifying the game and creating early concepts of it in Twine.

- Ben Martin


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