• Ryan Astor

Preparing our game pitch and writing the design document

Hello, Purplix Games fans!

Progress on our game "C. A. T." is going smoothly. We just meet to work out some necessary preliminary work before the full development of our game can begin. Firstly, we planned out our pitch to our publisher which will happen on Tuesday. We want to make sure that they realize what a fantastic game ours can be. The hope is they will see our boundless potential and let us peruse a full release. Here is a little look into our pitch:

Here is the slide that will be the backdrop for out pitch

Next, we began our design document. This is basically our overall and fully encompassing plan for our game. It includes anything from the story to game-play to art style. If you want to know anything about our game, this is what to read. It is a shorter one than others because our game is not huge but the document is dense. However, we cannot just reveal what's in it, at least not yet. You're going to have to play the game to find out. This is all I can show for now:

A snapshot of our Business Model Canvas (still in progress) that helped us make the design document

Anyways, thanks for reading our blog and being a Purplix fan! Stay tuned for the next update sometime in the next few days and get excited for the release of "C. A. T."

-Ryan Astor


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